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Are you considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Washington, PA, or the surrounding areas? Make a call to Rice & Associates Law Firm. For more than 30 years, bankruptcy Attorney David A. Rice, Esq., has helped individuals with their personal bankruptcy matters. It is the sole area of practice. Debt can easily pile up, and it is difficult to pay it down. The thoughts of losing your home, vehicle, or other assets can be unsettling.

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Protecting Against Foreclosure and Repossession

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the best way to protect against home foreclosure and vehicle repossession. By creating a payment plan to pay off the debt, you can rest easier, knowing that your assets are safe. The payment plan will generally last from three to five years. This also allows you to pay down large debt from IRS issues, mortgage arrears, and more. The guidelines for payment plans are as follows:

  • Must be made in good faith
  • Plan must be feasible
  • The plan must be the best effort to pay off debts
  • Creditors must receive as much as they would under Chapter 7 bankruptcy

To retain your assets and have a fair payment plan, it is essential to have a practiced bankruptcy attorney on your side. Reach out to Attorney Rice in Washington, PA, today for more information.

“What Information Do I Need for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?”

Individuals will need to have some information handy to properly file for chapter 13 bankruptcy. This information can include:
  • Creditor names and information
  • Amount of debt per creditor
  • Monthly expenses
  • Tax information, including refunds and forms
  • Property information, including all contracts and leases
Providing this information will help to determine the payment plan and figure out if Chapter 13 is the best route.

Individuals Can Benefit from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Rice & Associates Law Firm helps individuals with their bankruptcy matters. If you are looking to explore your options to manage debts, make your first call to us. Attorney Rice will listen to your concerns and determine the best route for you. We can also assist with corporate bankruptcy matters.

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