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Legal Guidance through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you eliminate most of your unsecured debt without having to pay anything on those debts. Chapter 7 is a serious legal proceeding. If you're considering solving your financial problems with it, you can trust Rice and Associates Law Firm to help you understand the full legal and financial effects.

If necessary, we can help you use Chapter 7 to eliminate large debts like mortgages and car loans, although you typically need to give up possession of the asset. It also works on unsecured debts, such as credit lines, past-due utility bills, credit cards, and personal loans.


Chapter 7 cannot eliminate certain kinds of debt, such as student loans, some tax debt, criminal restitution, or spousal support.

Eliminate large debts

Processing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case typically takes several months (4-5 in most cases), but it's one of the most effective, powerful tools for reducing or eliminating debt.


It's also a major financial decision that should not be made without qualified legal guidance. Let us work with you to determine your eligibility and whether Chapter 7 is the best solution to your financial turmoil.

A powerful tool for a fresh financial start

We're here to be your guide through bankruptcy law.

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